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    50 inspiring messages to help you feel expanded! This expanding 50-card deck offers spiritual guidance, a new way of seeing old problems, and opens you up to a new reality inside of you. 

    Choose a card when you want clarity, to dive deeper within or are seeking clarity and want to a nudge from the universe on what you may not be currently seeing. 

    Each card carries with it the intention of love, clarity, and deep connection to each other. 

    My hope is that you feel that connection and are steadied by it. 

    **These cards are born from the text messages Betsy sends out to her community and were hand-selected for the ones that struck the biggest chord with the community. 
    These 3.8x5.2 cards are the perfect size to hold in your hand and shuffle. 
    Designed with the vibe of the ocean and hand-created with lots of love and attention.